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Do you accept phone orders?  We do not accept phone orders.  In order to keep prices low, my company has not hired anyone to receive phone orders. If you do have a problem ordering off of my website, please give me a call at 954-479-4320 and I will gladly assist you in ordering off the website.

Your website keeps telling me that my credit card is invalid. What is the problem??   When you input your credit card number, DO NOT put any spaces between the numbers. If spaces are inserted, oftentimes the software will reject the credit card.

What are the shipping costs?   Shipping costs $6.95 in the United States, no matter how many bottles of product are ordered. Shipping to Canada is $24.95 flat rate, while shipping to any other country is $32.95 flat rate. All shipments are sent by United States Postal Service Priority Mail.

Do you ship to military FPO or APO addresses?  The website itself does not accept FPO or APO addresses. If you want to order and have the products shipped to such an address, simply email and state the products you wish to order. We will send you an email invoice for the products which can be paid by credit card or paypal. During the payment process you will be able to input an FPO or APO delivery address. Shipping to FPO and APO addresses is $6.95 flat rate.

What are your best herbal aphrodisiacs for erectile function?   My aphrodisiacs are all unspiked and results vary widely from person to person and from herb to herb based on sensitivity. You are probably aware that almost all the high priced so called blended herbal aphrodisiacs available are actually spiked with illegal E.D. pharmaceuticals. The FDA shuts these types of products down on a monthly basis. If results from an herbal product seem to good to be true, it usually is, because you are actual taking something similar to Viagra or Cialis. Having said that - with experimentation many of my clients find an extract or a combination of extracts that provides quite a bit of help in this regard. My biggest repeat sellers in aphrodisiacs in approx order are cnidium, butea, xanthoparmelia, bombyx, mountain ant, cistanche, muira puama, and horny goat.

Do your products contain any fillers, adulterants or other excipients?   All products from Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs are adulterant and stearate free. No fillers whatsoever are used.

What kind of capsules do you use to encapsulate your herbal products?   My company only utilizes the finest quality vegetarian capsules (vegi-caps) from Capsuline. The capsules are both Halal and Kosher certified and are made from HPMC - Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose - which is 100% plant fiber.